The EquCab3 assembly(PMID:30456315) plus the Male Specific Y chromosome (MH341179.1 PMID:30054462)
    formatted for the use in the Integrative Genomics Viewer.
.genome files for IGV EquCab3(+MSY) with NCBI and ENSEMBL annoataion
.genome files for the Equine Herpes Virus strains 1, 2, 4, and 5URL
EHV-1Annotation for GCF_000844025.1_ViralProj14465_genomic.fna
EHV-2Annotation for GCF_000843985.2_ViralProj14457_genomic.fna
EHV-4Annotation for GCF_000846345.1_ViralProj14418_genomic.fna
EHV-5Annotation for GCF_000929435.1_ViralProj274586_genomic.fna